Privacy Policy

Lima Sporting Goods will not use any information given, to be obtained by any other parties. LSG respects your privacy and will not re-distribute your emails to others. There are many different ways you can use Lima Sporting Goods for your service – information that may be useful to obtain help or a salesmen, to communicate with other consumers about recently purchased products, etc.

When you share information with us, for example by creating a account, as you continue to come back to Lima Sporting Goods for any reason, we want you to know how the information that you have given to us is being used.

Many of our services let you share information with other consumers. When using this information, it will become public, it may be found by search engines, at any time you want to remove a comment, or review, LSG will have options available at your convince. Whenever you use our services, we strive to provide you with accessibility to your information. If the information provided is wrong or some sort of error occurred, there are ways to update it quickly or to delete it. That is also unless for any reason, we have to keep that information for business or any legal procedures.

Our goal is to maintain our services and procedures in a manner that protects the information from accidental misuse or malicious destruction. Reason being, after you delete your information from our services, we may not delete the information immediately from our active servers, belonging to InterMedia 3, and may not remove information from our backup systems.

Anytime you feel that this policy may be breached, notify us immediately and we will handle the situation.